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Category Article Name CEU Hours
EMS.Airway Management / VentilationAdult Respiratory Emergencies2.00
EMS.Airway Management / VentilationAdvanced Airway: Integrating with the Basics2.00
EMS.Airway Management / VentilationAirway Devices and Techniques - Advanced2.00
EMS.Airway Management / VentilationBasic Airway Management2.00
EMS.Airway Management / VentilationDifficult Airway Management - Advanced2.00
EMS.Airway Management / VentilationPediatric Airway Case Scenarios2.00
EMS.Airway Management / VentilationPediatric Airway Management1.50
EMS.Airway Management / VentilationPediatric Respiratory Emergencies - Advanced2.00
EMS.Airway Management / VentilationPrehospital Chest Decompression2.00
EMS.Airway Management / VentilationPrehospital Intubation - Advanced2.00
EMS.Airway Management / VentilationPrehospital Management of the Asthma Patient2.00
EMS.CardiovascularAdult Cardiac Arrest: AHA 2015 Guidelines2.00
EMS.CardiovascularAnatomy and Physiology of the Heart2.00
EMS.CardiovascularAutomatic External Defibrillators1.00
EMS.CardiovascularHeart Failure - Advanced2.00
EMS.CardiovascularPatients with Ventricular Assist Devices1.50
EMS.CardiovascularPrehospital Cardiogenic Shock - Advanced2.00
EMS.Clinically Related OperationsBioterrorism Prep and Response for EMS2.00
EMS.Clinically Related OperationsChemical Weapons Awareness2.00
EMS.Clinically Related OperationsConfined Space - Deadly Space1.50
EMS.Clinically Related OperationsCrew Resource Management1.00
EMS.Clinically Related OperationsDisaster Management1.50
EMS.Clinically Related OperationsEmergency Response to Terrorism2.00
EMS.Clinically Related OperationsEMS Response to Active Shooter Incidents2.00
EMS.Clinically Related OperationsEMS Response to Clandestine Laboratories2.00
EMS.Clinically Related OperationsEMS Response to Crime Scenes2.00
EMS.Clinically Related OperationsFarming Emergencies2.00
EMS.Clinically Related OperationsIntraosseous Infusion - Advanced1.50
EMS.Clinically Related OperationsMass Casualty Incidents1.50
EMS.Clinically Related OperationsOverview of Tactical EMS1.50
EMS.Clinically Related OperationsPrinciples of Triage1.50
EMS.Clinically Related OperationsTransportation and Triage Protocols2.00
EMS.ElectivesWorkplace Violence Prevention1.50
EMS.MedicalAccidental Poisonings1.50
EMS.MedicalAcid Base Imbalances - Advanced2.00
EMS.MedicalAcute Abdominal Pain2.00
EMS.MedicalAllergies and Anaphylaxis - Advanced2.00
EMS.MedicalAllergies and Anaphylaxis - Basic2.00
EMS.MedicalAltered Mental Status2.00
EMS.MedicalAtrioventricular Heart Blocks - Advanced2.00
EMS.MedicalBloodborne Pathogens2.00
EMS.MedicalCardiac Dysrhythmias - Advanced2.00
EMS.MedicalChronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease1.50
EMS.MedicalCoronary Artery Disease & AMI - Advanced2.00
EMS.MedicalDistinguishing Between SVT and VT - Advanced2.00
EMS.MedicalHeat Related Injuries1.50
EMS.MedicalInhalation Emergencies1.50
EMS.MedicalNon-Traumatic Chest Pain1.50
EMS.MedicalOpioid and Benzodiazepine Overdose - Advanced2.00
EMS.MedicalPost Resuscitation Management - Advanced1.00
EMS.MedicalPost Resuscitation Management - Basic1.00
EMS.MedicalPrehospital 12-Lead ECG1.50
EMS.MedicalPrehospital Anaphylaxis Management2.00
EMS.MedicalPrehospital Behavioral Disorders2.00
EMS.MedicalPrehospital Diabetic Emergencies - Advanced2.00
EMS.MedicalPrehospital Diabetic Emergencies - Basic2.00
EMS.MedicalPrehospital Exposure to Infectious Disease2.00
EMS.MedicalPrehospital Management of Accidental Hypothermia1.50
EMS.MedicalPrehospital Management of Syncope1.50
EMS.MedicalPrehospital Pandemic Guide1.50
EMS.MedicalPrehospital Treatment of the Stroke Patient2.00
EMS.MedicalPsychiatric and Behavioral Emergencies2.00
EMS.MedicalPulmonary Embolism2.00
EMS.MedicalRenal Failure and Dialysis Patients2.00
EMS.MedicalSeizure Management2.00
EMS.MedicalSynthetic and Herbal Drug Use and Abuse2.00
EMS.MedicalWater Emergencies1.50
EMS.MedicalWorking in Temperature Extremes2.00
EMS.Patient AssessmentCultural Diversity and EMS1.50
EMS.Patient AssessmentGeriatric Assessment1.50
EMS.Patient AssessmentImproving Your Patient Care Reports2.00
EMS.Patient AssessmentLooking Beyond the Obvious1.50
EMS.Patient AssessmentMeasuring and Interpreting Vital Signs2.00
EMS.Patient AssessmentObtaining a Comprehensive Patient History1.50
EMS.Patient AssessmentPatient Assessment: Not Just Vital Signs2.00
EMS.Patient AssessmentPatient Care Documentation1.50
EMS.Patient AssessmentRapid Trauma Assessment1.00
EMS.PediatricsNeonatal Emergencies - Advanced2.00
EMS.PediatricsNeonatal Emergencies - Basic2.00
EMS.PediatricsPediatric Assessment2.00
EMS.PediatricsPediatric Burns1.50
EMS.PediatricsPediatric Cardiac Arrest - Advanced2.00
EMS.PediatricsPediatric Cardiac Arrest - Basic2.00
EMS.PediatricsPediatric Diabetic Emergencies1.50
EMS.PediatricsPediatric Environmental Emergencies2.00
EMS.PediatricsPediatric Febrile Seizures2.00
EMS.PediatricsPediatric Medical Emergencies2.00
EMS.PediatricsPediatric Medication Administration - Advanced2.00
EMS.PediatricsPediatric Trauma2.00
EMS.PediatricsRespiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)2.00
EMS.PreparatoryAmbulance Safety Inside & Out2.00
EMS.PreparatoryBody Mechanics1.00
EMS.PreparatoryCellular Biology and Pathophysiology2.00
EMS.PreparatoryEMD and Common Chief Complaints1.50
EMS.PreparatoryEMD: Basic Emergency Medical Concepts1.50
EMS.PreparatoryEmergency Medical Dispatch2.00
EMS.PreparatoryEmergency Medical Dispatcher Stress1.00
EMS.PreparatoryEmergency Responder Radiation Awareness1.50
EMS.PreparatoryEthics for EMS Providers1.00
EMS.PreparatoryFirefighter and EMS Line of Duty Deaths2.00
EMS.PreparatoryGeneral Pharmacology for Paramedics - Advanced2.00
EMS.PreparatoryGenetics and Familial Diseases2.00
EMS.PreparatoryHelicopter Operations1.00
EMS.PreparatoryHidden Dangers of OTC Medications1.50
EMS.PreparatoryHIPAA Fundamentals1.00
EMS.PreparatoryHuman Anatomy and Physiology2.00
EMS.PreparatoryIntravenous Therapy for Prehospital Providers2.00
EMS.PreparatoryLifting and Back Safety2.00
EMS.PreparatoryManaging Stress for Fire & EMS Personnel2.00
EMS.PreparatoryMedical Legal Issues1.50
EMS.PreparatoryOccupational Exposures1.00
EMS.PreparatoryPersonal Protective Equipment2.00
EMS.PreparatoryPharmacology for the EMT and AEMT2.00
EMS.PreparatoryPrehospital Cardiac Pharmacology - Advanced2.00
EMS.PreparatoryPrehospital Oxygen Therapy1.50
EMS.PreparatoryPrehospital Pain Management1.50
EMS.PreparatoryResearch in EMS - Evidence-Based Medicine in EMS2.00
EMS.PreparatorySleep Deprivation1.00
EMS.PreparatoryStress in the Workplace2.00
EMS.PreparatoryThe Skeletal System2.00
EMS.Special ConsiderationsAging and Adverse Reactions to Medications2.00
EMS.Special ConsiderationsCaring for the Assault Victim1.50
EMS.Special ConsiderationsChild & Elder Abuse Management1.50
EMS.Special ConsiderationsGeriatric Behavioral Emergencies1.50
EMS.Special ConsiderationsGeriatric Emergencies1.50
EMS.Special ConsiderationsManagement of Geriatric Trauma2.00
EMS.Special ConsiderationsManagement of the Injured Pregnant Patient2.00
EMS.Special ConsiderationsManaging Aggressive and Violent Patients1.50
EMS.Special ConsiderationsPrehospital Obstetrics and Newborn Care2.00
EMS.Special ConsiderationsTreatment of Illegal Substance Abuse2.00
EMS.TraumaAssessing the Patient with Major Trauma2.00
EMS.TraumaAssessment & Management of Extremity Trauma2.00
EMS.TraumaAssessment & Management of Eye Injuries2.00
EMS.TraumaAssessment & Management of Thoracic Injuries1.50
EMS.TraumaBody Cavity Injuries2.00
EMS.TraumaChest Trauma1.50
EMS.TraumaClosed Head Injuries2.00
EMS.TraumaFemur Fractures2.00
EMS.TraumaGunshot Wound Ballistics1.50
EMS.TraumaHemorrhage Control2.00
EMS.TraumaKinematics of Trauma1.00
EMS.TraumaLightning Injuries & Safety1.50
EMS.TraumaManagement of Soft Tissue Injuries1.50
EMS.TraumaPrehospital Burn Management1.00
EMS.TraumaPrehospital Care for Bites and Stings1.50
EMS.TraumaPrehospital Management of Diving Emergencies2.00
EMS.TraumaPrehospital Management of Pelvic Fractures1.50
EMS.TraumaPrehospital Management of Shock2.00
EMS.TraumaPrehospital Management of Spinal Injuries2.00
EMS.TraumaRodeo Injuries1.50
EMS.TraumaSprains & Strains1.00
EMS.TraumaTrauma Resuscitation1.50
EMS.TraumaTraumatic Amputations2.00
EMS.TraumaTraumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries2.00
EMS.TraumaWater Related Injuries1.00
Fire Service.Level 1Basic Fire Technology2.00
Fire Service.Level 1Building Search and Rescue2.00
Fire Service.Level 1Effective Forcible Entry2.00
Fire Service.Level 1Emergency Vehicle Operations2.00
Fire Service.Level 1Fire Service Communications2.00
Fire Service.Level 1Fire Service Hose Basics2.00
Fire Service.Level 1Fire Service Overhaul2.00
Fire Service.Level 1Fire Service Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)2.00
Fire Service.Level 1Fire Service Water Supply2.00
Fire Service.Level 1Fire Streams, Patterns & Nozzles2.00
Fire Service.Level 1Firefighter and Crew Safety2.00
Fire Service.Level 1Fundamentals of SCBA2.00
Fire Service.Level 1Ground Ladders2.00
Fire Service.Level 1Non-Vehicular Rescue and Extrication2.00
Fire Service.Level 1Portable Fire Extinguisher Basics2.00
Fire Service.Level 1Public Fire Safety Education2.00
Fire Service.Level 1Ropes & Knots3.00
Fire Service.Level 1Salvage Operations & Loss Control2.00
Fire Service.Level 1Tactical Ventilation2.00
Fire Service.Level 1Understanding Fire Protection Systems2.00
Fire Service.Level 1Vehicle Extrication2.00
Fire Service.Level 2Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting2.00
Fire Service.Level 2Alternative Fuel Vehicle Response1.50
Fire Service.Level 2Basic Marine Firefighting2.00
Fire Service.Level 2Basics of Arson Investigation2.00
Fire Service.Level 2Fire Investigation for the Company Officer2.00
Fire Service.Level 2Firefighter and EMS Line of Duty Deaths2.00
Fire Service.Level 2High-Rise Fire Operations2.00
Fire Service.Level 2Introduction to Wildfire Behavior2.00
Fire Service.Level 2Origin and Cause Determination: Accidental Fires1.50
Fire Service.Level 2School Bus Emergencies2.00
Fire Service.Level 2Wilderness Rescue2.00
Fire Service.Level 2Wildland Fire Suppression2.00
NREMT NCCP Recertification.NCCP EMT RefresherEMT Airway Module 12.00
NREMT NCCP Recertification.NCCP EMT RefresherEMT Cardiology Module 12.00
NREMT NCCP Recertification.NCCP EMT RefresherEMT Medical Module 12.00
NREMT NCCP Recertification.NCCP EMT RefresherEMT Medical Module 22.00
NREMT NCCP Recertification.NCCP EMT RefresherEMT Medical Module 32.00
NREMT NCCP Recertification.NCCP EMT RefresherEMT Operations Module 12.00
NREMT NCCP Recertification.NCCP EMT RefresherEMT Operations Module 22.00
NREMT NCCP Recertification.NCCP EMT RefresherEMT Trauma Module 12.00
Hazmat - Awareness LevelHazard Communications2.00
Hazmat - Awareness LevelHazardous Materials Assessment1.50
Hazmat - Awareness LevelHazmat Case Studies2.00
Hazmat - Awareness LevelHazmat for First Responders1.00
Hazmat - Awareness LevelIntroduction to Hazardous Materials1.50
Hazmat - Awareness LevelIntroduction to Hazmat Decontamination2.00
Hazmat - Awareness LevelWeapons of Mass Destruction2.00
Risk ManagementRespiratory Protection1.50
Risk ManagementSafe Electrical Practices1.50
Risk ManagementSexual Harassment in the Workplace1.50
Risk ManagementWalking Working Surfaces1.50
Instructor CoordinatorFire & EMS Instructional Methodology2.00
Instructor CoordinatorFire Service Instructor2.00
Instructor CoordinatorGenerational Learning in Fire/EMS1.50
Instructor CoordinatorIntroduction to Public Speaking1.50
Instructor CoordinatorPrinciples of Adult Education2.00
Instructor CoordinatorPublic Fire Safety Education2.00
Instructor CoordinatorSimulation Training for EMS2.00
Instructor CoordinatorStudent Assessment, Recording, and Reporting2.00
Instructor CoordinatorStudent Engagement1.50
Instructor CoordinatorTraining Operations in Small Departments1.50
Texas EMS JurisprudenceTexas EMS Jurisprudence Part 1 of 21.00
Texas EMS JurisprudenceTexas EMS Jurisprudence Part 2 of 21.00
EMS Administrator of RecordCompany Officer Time Management1.50
EMS Administrator of RecordConflict Resolution for Fire and EMS Officers2.00
EMS Administrator of RecordCrew Resource Management1.00
EMS Administrator of RecordErgonomics in the Workplace1.50
EMS Administrator of RecordIntroduction to OSHA1.50
EMS Administrator of RecordIntroduction to Public Speaking1.50
EMS Administrator of RecordKeeping Your Department Out of Legal Hot Water1.50
EMS Administrator of RecordLeadership in Public Safety Bureaucracies1.50
EMS Administrator of RecordManaging the Difficult Fire/EMS Employee1.50
Fire InspectorBuilding Construction for the Fire Service2.00
Fire InspectorFire Safety and Emergency Action Plans2.00
Fire InspectorHazardous Materials Assessment1.50
Fire InspectorIntroduction to Fire Inspection1.50
Fire InspectorIntroduction to Hazardous Materials1.50
Fire InspectorIntroduction to OSHA1.50
Fire InspectorIntroduction to Public Speaking1.50
Fire InspectorPublic Fire Safety Education2.00
Fire InspectorSafe Electrical Practices1.50
Fire InspectorSafety Inspections for the Fire Officer2.00
Fire InspectorTheory of Fire Code Enforcement2.00
Fire InspectorUnderstanding Fire Protection Systems2.00
Head of Fire DepartmentChemical Weapons Awareness2.00
Head of Fire DepartmentCompany Officer Time Management1.50
Head of Fire DepartmentConflict Resolution for Fire and EMS Officers2.00
Head of Fire DepartmentCrew Resource Management1.00
Head of Fire DepartmentDisaster Management1.50
Head of Fire DepartmentEmergency Response to Terrorism2.00
Head of Fire DepartmentEMS Response to Active Shooter Incidents2.00
Head of Fire DepartmentErgonomics in the Workplace1.50
Head of Fire DepartmentHelicopter Operations1.00
Head of Fire DepartmentIntroduction to OSHA1.50
Head of Fire DepartmentIntroduction to Public Speaking1.50
Head of Fire DepartmentKeeping Your Department Out of Legal Hot Water1.50
Head of Fire DepartmentLeadership in Public Safety Bureaucracies1.50
Head of Fire DepartmentManaging the Difficult Fire/EMS Employee1.50
Head of Fire DepartmentMass Casualty Incidents1.50
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